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October 2017

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DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Camera, White

  • Apple Watch review Ditch the iPhone

    The latest Apple Watch clocks in with cellular. And that increases the way you can use it without your iPhone. Case in point: I don’t typically wear a wristwatch in the shower or hot tub at [...]

  • Drones are Ready for Takeoff

                                                    Will unmanned aerial vehicles—drones—soon take civilian passengers on pilotless flights? [...]


    iPhone’s password demands aren’t just annoying. They’re a security flaw

    A developer has warned it is possible to create a phishing attack based on a fake sign-in request for Apple ID credentials  Apple’s constant request for your password could make it easy for rogue developers [...]

  • 10 Best Laptop Brands

    If you’re interested to know about the best laptop brands then you’re at the right place. It doesn’t really matters what you’re buying but the brand certainly matters in 2017. Same goes for laptops and [...]


Apple Watch Series 2 is a superior sports watch that measures your workouts with detailed customizable metrics. An advanced activity tracker that shows you how often you move, exercise, and stand, and lets you share your progress. A powerful health tool that helps you be more conscious of your overall well-being, starting with your heart rate. And an all-day assistant that provides instant access to the people, apps, and information you care about most. There are cases made from aluminum and stainless steel and a full range of interchangeable bands in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. All models run watchOS 3.

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Fantastic eStore eCommerce WordPress Theme

Lots of people now make millions by selling different items online. The key to success here’s getting a great and professional ecommerce website with the eStore theme. The theme can be simply set up, and it has several choices for integration with lots of famous ecommerce plug ins like Simple PayPal Shopping cart software and including eShop. The theme includes many page templates to achieve the designs you would like, and when you need further instruction, the designers will always be ready to answer the questions you have. Another positive thing concerning the theme is you will invariably have free updates each time a latest version is launched for brand new WordPress versions. Viroshop and eStore are awsome premium wordpress themes for the quality websites.

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Automated Online ebook Store WordPress Website

 Latest WordPress Ebook Store Running On Autopilot! 

 Comes pre-installed with 200 bestselling digital products to get you started.
 Manage your store online via easy to use web-based Store Admin Area.
 Easily add your own ebooks and downloadable products, complete with pictures, descriptions and prices.
 Easily change the prices and edit product descriptions to your own taste.
 Shopping cart linked to Paypal for online payment collection.
 As this is a WordPress platform, all store pages are optimized for search engine ranking. 

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Computers turnkey blog marketing WordPress site

Computers Blog Template

Computers turnkey blog marketing site.  Completely stocked, preloaded and ready to go with Google Adsense, ClickBank and Amazon ads spots already in place, 20 related articles, graphics and psd logo file.  The blog is preloaded with content, niche theme, plugins and more.

Blog Features

1. Pre-loaded with 20 quality Optimized posts including Images.
2. Built in Amazon Store loaded with Products
3. Related Youtube video page with related videos
4. Ready-to-go Adsense Ad Spots
5. Ready-to-go Clickbank Ads Spots
6. PSD Images so you can brand it totally as your own
7. Quality Blog Theme
8. Everything is included with all the sites files.
9. Theme and Plug-ins are preloaded and ready right out of the box
10. Simple 5 minute or less setup

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As a blogger or affiliate marketer, you’ve already got systems in place to create the content your website needs to stay on top of the search results.

You set aside several days each month to do nothing but write. You hire writers to create some articles for you. You invite guest posts. You purchase private label content in your niche.

All of these are excellent ways to create a lot of content, but once that’s done, you’ll quickly discover…

Getting Massive Amounts of Content Into Your Site is a Huge Time Suck!
Think about it. You have to open a new post, copy the content from your text editor, paste it into your new post, select the category, select the schedule date and finally, click publish.

And then you start all over again for the next article. If you’ve got 10 or more posts to load, it could easily take an hour or more. Who has that kind of time?

Of course, you could pay a virtual assistant to do that for you, but now you’re talking $25 or more just to post 10 articles. When you’re watching your ROI, that’s probably not a good investment.

And that’s just for your personal blog. What if you run multiple sites, or content dependent affiliate sites? You’ll spend all day every day just loading enough posts to keep those demanding sites ranking.

What if there were a fast, efficient method for loading all that content into your site easily? How much time would that save you?

Introducing Abundant Content Loader
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Home Brewing  WordPress Blog

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40 Plus Popular Clone Website Scripts

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Diy Bike Repair WordPress Website

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