Building Free Targeted Web Site Traffic

Building Free Targeted Web Site Traffic

Building Free Targeted Web Site Traffic


The value of targeted web site traffic can never be equal to that of a free traffic.


Visitors that directed to certain web sites, even for


free, if clueless about what the website is all about,


likely going to exit your web pages as fast as how they have landed on them.


You may even find yourself falling from the search engine ranks if


this continues to happen, not to mention banned and the like.


But yes, the web is such an avenue for great opportunities that

even free targeted traffic can possible obtained.


But that does not come without efforts from your end. Here are some tips to building free targeted traffic.


Blogs. If you have a passion for writing and do not mind sharing your ideas on the web, this should not be very hard for you. Blogs are among the most effective ways to get “real” targeted traffic.


The freedom to express your message via compelling articles


gives you the chance to capture readers’ attention through your


writing skill coupled with some interesting images that are sure


to spice up interests.


When writing blogs, you have the option to pitch your


website to your readers (seldom done) or do it in subtle, less obvious ways.


Building Free Targeted Web Site Traffic


You may post ads on your blog, insert links on some key phrases –


all which will lead targeted traffic to your site when clicked. There are many blog sites on the web that you can tap all for free.


Forum Participations.

This is also another way of getting

targeted traffic at no cost. visit forums that discuss topics related to the nature of your website.


Take part either by posting your own questions or by answering


existing forum inquiries.


There may be instances when you can refer your website


as part of your answers, or you may need to use tactics to insert it as part of your main answers.


Usually, and this is the safest way to showcase your site for the


possibility of getting free targeted traffic, include your web site’s


domain name on your signature block.


Don’t be satisfied by putting your name at the end of your answer.


Insert your domain names and URLs so that the readers (who are



interested with the forum topic, which is related to the nature of


your website) have the option of clicking them and hence


becoming a part of your free targeted traffic.


Building Free Targeted Web Site Traffic


Link Exchange.


You are also free to browse the web for link exchange and invite


web sites with similar or related industries as yours.


Make sure to provide clear link details (an interesting title, clear


description, and accurate URL) to draw targeted traffic from


websites which visitors may also be highly interested on your web site content.


Anyone who visits a web site and cares to navigate through its


pages, so that he reaches its resources or links page and clicks on


your displayed link – is a very promising part of your targeted web site traffic.


Building Free Targeted Web Site Traffic