Five Signs Of A Legitimate Home Business Opportunity

Are you actively seeking out a legitimate home business opportunity? If so, you’re probably

concerned about avoiding those options that are not on the “up and up”.

Here, we’ve compiled the top five signs of a legitimate home business opportunity to help you

weed out the good from the bad.

#5: References are Readily Available

Any legitimate home business opportunity that you explore should be able to provide you

with references from other franchisees or owners. Without such contacts, it would be quite

difficult (if not impossible) for you to gauge what working with the business will be like.

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Always ask for a list of at least five references; a legitimate home business opportunity won’t

hesitate to comply. And make sure to follow-up with each person, asking pertinent questions

about the organization and writing down each answer.

#4: Every Aspect of Ownership is Spelled Out

If you’re unclear about any aspect of the company, then you might not be working with a

legitimate home business opportunity. Many shady operators work on the Internet, and they

are quite adept at giving you only half the story.

A legitimate home business opportunity will spell out all the relevant data for you from the


Consequently, you won’t be shocked down the road.

#3: You Can Talk to a Live Person

Even if you’re planning on embarking on a legitimate home business opportunity via the

Internet, you still should always be able to connect with a real person.

This is a critical aspect of a legitimate home business opportunity, because sometimes

emergencies arise, and email just isn’t fast enough. If you cannot ever “get through” to an

individual, or if you seem to be getting the

“run around” when you do, be warned – this is

probably not a legitimate home business opportunity.

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#2: There is a Proven Track Record

Though every legitimate home business opportunity was once a start-up, most now have

proven track records that they are more than happy to share with you.

If you’re looking into an organization and thinking about investing money, make certain that

you know how well it has performed in the past. And if that information isn’t available (or

you feel it’s been “doctored”), run away!

#1: You Are Offered Support

Finally, one of the most important signs of a legitimate home business opportunity is the

offer of mentorship and support.

Most of the legitimate home business opportunity franchises partner you with other

successful investors, thereby creating a net of encouragement and ideas. This enables you to

blossom and the legitimate home business opportunity to thrive on all levels.

By carefully doing a little investigation work, you’ll find the perfect legitimate home business opportunity for you!

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