Google Adsense: Don’ts for Using the Google Adsense Program

Google Adsense is a fun and easy way to make extra money.

It’s important to follow the rules

though as Google is serious about the integrity of this program.

Not following the rules could

result in your Google Adsense account being terminated.

Here are a few Don’ts for using the program:


Never, ever, ever click on your own ads. Google Adsense

makes it very clear this won’t be tolerated.

Don’t ask your friends and family to click on your ads. Rather,

earn money by referring them to the Google Adsense program.

Don’t participate in the Google Adsense program strictly for the money.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will take time

and hard work to make a profit.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything the first day.

Although the Google Adsense program is extremely user-friendly,

it may take a little time to integrate all the facets of the

program. Be patient and above all, have fun!

Google Adsense program

Hopefully, these helpful tips will ease you into using the

program and help you avoid

mistakes that could possibly cost you a lot of time or money.