This Paid To Read php script uses a database to store member and advertiser information. This site is used as a stand alone website and is one heck of a paid to read script.

Visitors can signup for free and earn points or money for reading emails, clicking on links, signing up to programs, paid for referrals (up to 10 levels deep), and more.

Members can upgrade to gold and receive the following benefits… Random Referrals, Lower Payouts, and Shorter View Timers. You set the price of gold status in your admin area.


This script offers the use of many different payment processors with simple turn on and off. These processors include… e-Gold, Moneybookers, Paypal, And Alertpay. You can also turn on and off which processors you want to payout with.

Simple administration area allows the admin to start campaigns, view orders, view and make payouts, set banners in rotation, set referral levels, set view timers, set gold status, set payouts and prices, set referral contests, and more.

Installation is fast and easy with the included detailed installation instructions. You can have this website setup and ready for members in about 10 minutes.

1) Create a new MySQL database on your sercer. Add a user with administrator rights to this database.

2) Upload all the files of the script in the root directory of your server

3) Make necessary changes to dbconnect.php. Insert correct parameters of your MySQL database. Ask your hosting service provider about Host info (usually localhost or a dedicated IP address). Enter your valid MySQL database parameters. A correct dpconnect.php file looks like this: <? mysql_connect(‘Your Host Info’, ‘Database User’, ‘Database Password’); mysql_select_db(‘Database Name’); ?>

4) Start your browser and type the following address in its address bar: (You should see the following message: “Installation completed successfully”). Check dbconnect.php if you receive any errors.

5) Type in your address bar and make all the necessary settings in the administrator panel.

6) Protect your /admin directory using HTACCESS. Ig you’re unsure how to do this, please, contact your server administrator for details.

Don’t forget to remove install.php upon completing the setup.

When setup, Your website stats will show 1 advertiser and 1 banner ad served. This is because there is a banner in rotation. It is a “Your Banner Here” banner that is linked to your advertising page. It is recommended to leave this banner running at all times.





10 minutes.