Tips To Help Simplify The Online Experience

Navigating the Internet has become an overwhelming task for many people. The number of Web sites has increased exponentially during the past several years, giving consumers an endless amount of options. While performing everyday tasks online generally saves people time, getting to the right sites and sorting through search engine results often takes too much time.

Consumer surveys and focus groups show that consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with using the Internet for daily tasks such as banking and shopping. However, those surveys also reveal that consumers are frustrated with the amount of time it takes them to navigate the Web and want to simplify their online experience.

Here are a few expert tips for reducing your time spent online:

• Automatic bill payments-Certain bills, such as the mortgage, car payments and cable/ satellite TV service, are for the same amount each month. By setting it up with your bank or the utility service itself, you can have the bill paid electronically each month, for one less bill you have to worry about each month.

• Spam reduction-To reduce the amount of junk mail in your inbox, sign up for an address with a free service such as Hotmail or Gmail. Then, whenever you need to give an e-mail address, such as when you make online purchases or fill out an online survey, give out the secondary address. That way, all the spam that’s generated will go to that address, leaving your primary account clutter-free.

• Online portal-An organizational site, such as myLifeAt. com, can help simplify the Internet for people who want to more easily perform everyday tasks on the Web. The free service enables people to organize the Web sites they regularly visit into an easy-to-use interface for fast access that will save time and simplify the Internet for the everyday user.

By creating a personal online portal through, people can check e-mail, access bank accounts and financial services, shop at favorite online retailers, make travel arrangements, get the latest news and weather, access the best online entertainment, search the Web and more.